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LA CHIMERA, director Alice Rohrwacher

Everyone pursues their own chimera, the dream that we are never quite able to grasp. For some, it's the dream of easy wealth, for others the pursuit of an ideal love... Upon returning to a small town on the Tyrrhenian Sea, Arthur finds his audacious gang of tomb raiders, thieves of Etruscan artifacts, and archaeological wonders. Arthur possesses a gift that the gang needs: but leaves Arthur conflicted by the massive void between a tragedy causing him to yearn to go to the place where a past world lies.

This void leaves him with the memory of his lost love, Beniamina, who has left this wordly plain. In an adventurous journey between the living and the dead, between forests and cities, between festivity and solitude, the intertwined destinies of these characters unfold, each in search of their own Chimera.

Cast: Isabella Rossellini, Alba Rohrwacher, Vincenzo Nemolato, Josh O'Connor, Carol Duarte

Country: Italy

Year: 2023

Duration: 133 minutes

Genre: Drama

Rated: All ages admitted

Subtitles: English, Portuguese

FREE ADMISSION, subject to availability of seats


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