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  • Kristi Thompson

LIGHTSTRUCK (L'Abbaglio) - when you wish upon a 'Star' do your dreams come true?

LIGHTSTRUCK (L'Abbaglio) by Director Alessandra Cardone, is inspired by a true story. CinemaItalia Cascais is proud to present the Premier of LIGHTSTRUCK, 9 June 18:00!!

FREE ENTRY! (subject to availability) 9 June 18:00, Location: Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, Av. da República, 300, Cascais


Nicola (Andrea Simonetti) , a restaurateur from Puglia, becomes friends with Johnny Light (Christopher Backus), a famous American actor, who falls in love with the restaurant and its cuisine. Before leaving Puglia, Johnny Light invites Nicola and his teenaged daughter (Denise Tantucci) to move to Los Angeles to manage his restaurant in Hollywood and become partners.

Nicola and his daughter are totally bewitched by the star and begin to plan their future in America. However, things don't always go as planned.

Inspired by a true story

Did you know...

  • L’ABBAGLIO is inspired by a true story already told by Alessandra Cardone in her documentary My Friend Johnny presented at Venice Days (Venezia 2012). The actor Johnny Depp, while in Venice during a film production, becomes friends with a restaurateur, Cristiano Vitale, whose life will never be the same after that fateful meeting.

FREE ENTRY!! (no reservations, subject to availability of seats)

CinemaItalia Cascais is proud to Premier LIGHTSTRUCK (L'Abbaglio):

Location: Casa das Histórias - Paula Rego

Av. da República 300, Cascais

BONUS EXTRA:Director Alessandra Cardone, leading actor Andrea Simonetti and other cast members will be present for the film's PREMIER 9 June 18:00 !!

  • Director Alessandra Cardone conceived the series The Wine Stories, of which she wrote and shot The Madeleine and the Stranger (La Madeleine e lo Straniero, 2018), awarded in many festivals all over the world and purchased by RAI Cinema.

  • LIGHTSTRUCK (L'Abbaglio) is Director Alessandra Cardone's first feature film.

  • Andrea Simonetti has a career as a writer and director, as well as actor. He also starred in “Black Stars” (film out of competition at the Rome International Film Festival).

Actors Andrea Simonetti (playing Nicola) and Christopher Backus (playing Johnny Light)


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