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My Paper Girls (Le Mie Ragazze Di Carta) Director Luca Lucini

An irresistible comedy about pivotal moments in the lives of three adolescents, the transition from pre-adolescence to puberty, amidst first loves, rugby games, and the shift from rural to urban life. Set in the late 1970s in the region of Treviso, Luca Lucini aims to depict the loss of innocence of a country through the story of a family undergoing a radical life change. It captures a historical period of significant social and economic transformations, where even traditional community cinemas are forced to adapt with erotic programming to avoid bankruptcy. A comedy that captures the essence of the personal and social changes that shaped Italy at the time, offering a journey filled with laughter and reflections.

Cast: Maya Sansa, Neri Marcoré, Andrea Pennacchi, Alvise Marascalchi, Cristiano Caccamo

Country: Italy

Year: 2023

Duration: 100 minutes

Genre: Comedy

Rated: PG-12

Subtitles: English, Portuguese

FREE ADMISSION, subject to availability of seats


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